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5 Ways To Improve Your CNC Job Posting

We look at CNC Machining jobs posts every single day. We have 1,400 on our site and a lot of them look the same. Want to stand out and get more applicants? Here are 5 things we recommend.

  1. Write a job ad. Not a job description. Stop it with the 1,000 word single spaced document that lists every single detail of the role. Remember that the goal of the posting is to get relevant candidates to apply. To do that, you need to create interest and excitement. Attention spans are short. And if your job posting is long, over-detailed and boring, the potential candidate will just move on to the next posting. DO NOT simply copy and paste the full job description that HR produces. Instead, be clear and concise. Call out the highlights of the job. Call out the cool learning experiences. You can tell them the finer details of the role after they’ve applied!
  2. Provide a pay range! In some states it’s the law to do that. In others it isn’t. Either way, every single job seeker wants to see a pay range on the job posting. CNC Machinists are in demand. They have A LOT of options in terms of where they can work. So if they don’t see a pay range on your job posting, they may just move along to the next option that does. Sorry... that’s just the reality.
  3. Nobody cares about your company history. That’s not entirely true. But, we'd consider moving your extra long paragraph about your company to the bottom of the job description. Start with the juicy stuff instead (pay, technology, experiences) and then talk about your company history later.
  4. Talk about the technology. Maybe you can’t for privacy reasons. But if you can, call out the brands, the machine types and other technology that is used. CNC Machinists love technology and they want to know what you have in the shop.
  5. What will they learn? CNC Machinists generally love to learn. They like to grow and evolve their skillsets. The ones you want to hire do anyways. So, tell them about the experiences you can provide them. Do you machine interesting materials? Tight tolerances? Complex machine configurations in the shop? Cad/Cam? Macros? Tell them what they'll be learning!
  6. BONUS TIP - Know what would be crazy? A short testimonial from a currently employed machinist. Who knows. It could work!

What did we miss or get wrong?

Want help with your CNC job posting? Contact us at jobs@hirecnc.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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