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3 simple tips for machine shops to get better at hiring

hireCNC has been recruiting CNC Machinists for Machine Shops for almost a year now. It’s not challenging to find shops that want help with hiring. Many are willing to pay our 25% fee if we can land them a good machinist. It’s tough out there. Almost every shop needs more talent. And they ALL say hiring (machinists) is their #1...
Rich Shouse

My CNC Story - Rich Shouse

The Division Chair / CNC Tool & Die Instructor at Gateway Technical College in Elkhorn, WI, Rich Shouse leverages his 20 years experience in industry to teach the next generation of machinists on state-of-the-art equipment! Recently, Jon House of hireCNC had the opportunity to ask Rich about his CNC Story.
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Preconceived notions we should set straight regarding the CNC trade

In 2023 we asked 12 CNC leaders "what preconceived notions we should set straight regarding the CNC trade"? Here's what they said.
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Zach Burke

My CNC Story - Zach Burke

Machine Shop Operations Manager at Rose Machining (Gloucester, Massachusetts), Zach fell in love with machining at an 8th grade career day. From there, the rest is history, attributing his success in machining to a combination of curiosity and drive.
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3 CNC Machining Jobs That Offer Relocation Assistance

Are you a CNC machinist (or progammer or operator) that is open to relocating across the United States? Check out these jobs that offer great relocation assistance.
Job Market
Brett Lister

My CNC Story - Brett Lister

Now 1.5 years into launching a machine shop (B&B Dynamic Machining), Brett Lister reflects on his 20+ years of experience in machining, including insights on starting a career, and what’s important when launching a new machine shop.
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5 Ways To Improve Your CNC Job Posting

We look at CNC Machining jobs posts every single day. We have 1,400 on our site and a lot of them look the same. Want to stand out and get more applicants? Here are 5 things we recommend.
hireCNC How-To
Sean Datusch

My CNC Story - Sean Datusch

A former US Marine Corps Gunner and graduate of Meridian Community College’s Precision Machining program, Sean Datusch, like so many, found a CNC career path by chance. Sean is now working as a Technical Line Specialist at Glock Inc. in Smryna, Georgia.
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Trent Phippin

My CNC Story - Trent Phippin

Owner of TNT Machine in Auburn, California, machinist and entrepreneur Trent Phippin credits his positive outlook, desire for learning and passion for the trade in his career success. Harnessing the value of social media (nearly 4,000 followers on LinkedIn) has given Trent and TNT Machine added global exposure and valuable resources.
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