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Feb 8, 2023

Creating a profile that will stand out on hireCNC

Create a great profile on hireCNC so that employers can find you! Here are 3 things to do right now to make your profile better.

1.       Certifications. If you have any relevant trade certifications, be sure to select them under the “Education and Certifications” section. Certifications are a major value-add in the eyes of the employer.

Education and Certifications

2.       Skills & Experience. Be thoughtful when populating the Skills & Experience section. We’ve guided you to identify your CAM Software Experience (what CAM software’s are you proficient in) CNC Controls Experience (what CNC control brands are you proficient in operating) and Machine Type Programming Experience (why machine configurations have you programmed/operated). The employers really care about those 3 things, which is why we’ve broken them out.

Skills section

The “Other Skills” section is where you have the opportunity to point out your unique skills and experiences, in a way that is searchable (by the employers). Here are some things to think about.

·       What materials have you machined? Aluminum? Stainless Steel? Copper? Wood? etc. etc. They are all different and can make you unique as a candidate.

·       What CAD software do you have experience with? We’ve talked about CAM already, but CAD design experience can be sought after. We have an extensive searchable CAD software list built into hireCNC, so be sure to search for yours in the Other Skills field.

·       Have you operated ERP software’s? ProShop? JobBOSS? Whatever it may be, call it out.


3.       Desired Salary. Recruiting laws are changing, in favor of you the job applicant. It’s law in many states to specify a salary range for job opportunities. If there is an important pay range for you, be sure to call it out in the “Job Preferences” section. This way, employers can search candidates in the system to ensure pay expectations are a match (saving everyone time). Note: you can choose between hourly rates or annual salaries.

Desired Salary field

If you’d like help enhancing your resume, contact us at jobs@hireCNC.com.

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