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May 4, 2023 hireCNC

CNC Machinists - you are in demand

"There was a time when Tool & Die makers were respected as much as doctors and engineers."

That’s a quote from Parneet Saggu on the My CNC Story blog.

Can it be like that again? Will it be? We’re not sure. But Parneet is right that machinists contribute a lot to society. Building things for construction. Building things for doctors. Building things for airplanes. So much of what we use and see everyday links to machining.

And what’s crazy is that machinists are often under paid relative to other trades. Even though there is a high demand for the position and a low supply of trained candidates.

Something seems wrong there...

Wages and status won’t change overnight. But as a CNC Machinist you do have leverage. You are in demand and you have options. So don’t settle.

With your sought after skill set (assuming you have solid training and experience) you should love your job. You should love your boss, love the things you make, love your compensation, and have excitement for the future.

Maybe you do feel like that right now. Good, you should! But if you don’t feel like that, it can change.

First let us be clear on something. We aren’t suggesting that you shop around for new job opportunities. We aren’t suggesting you endlessly job hop. We are suggesting you put yourself in a position to be recruited by good companies. They will find you. And you can sit back and say yes or no to interview requests that come to you. How? We will get to that. It’s very easy.

Sound to good to be true?

There are thousands of manufacturers in North America looking for CNC talent today. A high percentage of those employers always have a position open. They can never meet their headcount needs. In fact, many employers have given up on hiring experienced talent altogether. Instead they hire with “no experience required” on the job posting. That is risky, expensive and time intensive. Employers are frustrated. They’re desperate.

So again... you are in demand. Your talents are coveted. 

And that is why we are writing to you about hireCNC, the only job board specific to the CNC machining industry. A platform whose sole purpose is to better connect employers (machine shops) with CNC Machinist candidates (you).

You can’t be recruited if nobody knows of you. In joining hireCNC you will step into the driver seat, saying “ya sure” or “no thanks” to the (probably many) interview requests sent to you. It’s nice to be wanted! Sign me up please!

Here’s how you do it. And the best part is, it only takes a few minutes.

  1. Create your account on hireCNC. Use your personal email address (not your work email address). To do that, go here. This takes 1 minute.
  2. Build your profile on hireCNC (it’s like a LinkedIn profile but with more focus on machining specific skills/experiences). This is your online CNC machining resume. Be detailed. It’s ok to brag! This takes 10 - 20 minutes depending on the level of detail you put in. You can update it at any time, so don't worry if it's not perfect right away.
    1. Want to do it fast? You can upload your resume and hireCNC will import a lot of that information right onto your profile. Give it a try!
  3. Sit back and wait for companies to contact you for interview requests. Note: at any time you can choose to “turn your profile invisible” so that recruiters cannot see it. AND, personal information like your name, birthdate and location are invisible to recruiters, until you accept their interview request. This means you can have confidence your current employer would not know that you are on the site (even though it shouldn’t really matter...)
  4. Want to be a bit proactive? Create custom job searches (location, job category, etc.) and select “Turn on job alerts for this search”. You’ll get weekly emails notifying you of new jobs that meet your criteria. Cool!

OK have fun!

P.S. If you like your experience with hireCNC, PLEASE, PLEASE share this article with your machining friends! Everything on hireCNC is free for you as an applicant. Our only ask if that refer us to your friends!

P.P.S. Yes, everything is free for you. We will never ask you for money! There is no downside for signing up that we can see!

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