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Feb 6, 2023 hireCNC

Welcome to hireCNC: connecting CNC job seekers with employers

“We’re having trouble finding CNC machinists.” “It’s difficult to recruit, hire, and then retain skilled labor.” “Manufacturing presents exciting and lucrative career opportunities, but there is not enough of a focus on the trades in our education system.”

We’ve all heard the above, sentiment. You can find many articles explaining the skilled labor shortage, with supporting statistics and explanations on the CNC trade specifically. It’s not a new problem, and seemingly the problem is not going away any time soon. But, the hiring process can be improved and will be improved with the help of hireCNC.

hireCNC was founded with the mission of better connecting CNC trades people, with employers. Simply stated, hireCNC is a job board, for the CNC industry. CNC Machinists have a single platform to find great career opportunities. It is easy to see who is hiring and for what positions. For the employer, it’s a job board whose audience is completely dedicated to CNC machining. There’s no fluff. Stop getting applicants from irrelevant fields with irrelevant skills like you do (in the hundreds) on the larger more general job boards. hireCNC delivers you quality and relevant applicants.

Applicants, whether you are an active job seeker or a passive job seeker, browse hireCNC  now to 1) see open positions and setup alerts to be notified of jobs that meet your criteria, and 2) create your profile with your CNC specific skills and experiences so that employers can find you more easily.

Employers, use hireCNC to showcase your open opportunities to a highly relevant audience. Start by 1) registering your company and building a company profile so that candidates can more easily find you, and 2) post a job with our easy-to-use wizard.

Join us on our journey as we better connect CNC applicants with employers, while also highlighting the exciting and fulfilling career space that is CNC machining!

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