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CNC Machining Jobs in California

The CNC machining industry in California is a key player in the U.S. economy, and ranks among the top machining states in America. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), California employs 16,630 CNC programmer/operators, putting the state inside the top 3 nationally. "Programmers" have an hourly mean wage of $37.16 (highest among the top CNC states), and "operators" have an hourly mean wage of $23.45.

California is home to several schools that offer CNC machining-related programs, ranging from certificate and diploma programs to associate's degrees. Here are five notable CNC Machining Schools (in no particular order) in California:

  1. San Jose State University: Located in Silicon Valley, San Jose State offers a CNC Machining Certificate Program designed for those who already hold an associate degree or higher in engineering technology or industrial technology. The program focuses on CNC machine operation as well as programming and maintenance.

  2. College of the Canyons: Located near Los Angeles, COC provides a CNC Machining Certification Program that includes topics like CNC machinery safety, CNC programming, CNC machining processes and materials selection. COC also offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in CNC Manufacturing Technology for those who wish to continue their educational pursuits.

  3. San Diego Community College District: The San Diego district provides two CNC Machinist Certificate Programs at its two locations – City College and Mesa College. Both programs provide students with the skills necessary to program, operate and maintain CNC machines as well as teach them how to read blueprints and CAD/CAM drawings.

  4. Santa Rosa Junior College: SRJC’s CNC Machining Certificate Program focuses on CNC Lathe Programming & CNC Mill Programming and covers topics such as CNC machine operation, CNC program debugging, CNC part tolerance, CNC programming languages, CNC mill setup and CNC lathe operations.

  5. Cypress College: Located in Orange County, Cypress offers a CNC Machinist Certificate Program focused on CNC programming for both two-axis and multi-axis machines. It also teaches students how to read blueprints, use CAD/CAM software, set up jobs correctly and operate the machinery with safety.

Major employers of CNC machinists in California include Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Applied Medical, GKN Aerospace, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Corporation, and Kaman Aerospace Corporation. However, if you are looking for CNC jobs, California has a wide range of opportunities available, from both small machine shops to some of the largest companies in the world. 

Overall, the CNC machining industry in the California metropolitan area is a major source of employment and economic growth. Over the past decade, the industry has seen consistent growth, with CNC machining jobs increasing by 10%, according to projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this growth has not been easy. CNC machining in California relies heavily on imports from other states and countries for many parts and materials, which often leads to higher costs for local manufacturers. Additionally, there is currently a shortage of skilled CNC operators due to rapid technological advancements in CNC machines. This lack of trained labor can be costly and time-consuming for businesses looking to hire CNC operators. But with the right focus on training and technological advancements, CNC machining in California can remain a major source of economic growth and job creation for years to come.

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