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CNC Machining Jobs in Missouri

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Missouri employs 2,620 CNC programmer/operators. "Programmers" have an hourly mean wage of $28.67, and "operators" have an hourly mean wage of $21.37.

Missouri is home to several schools that offer CNC machining-related programs, ranging from certificate and diploma programs to associate's degrees. Here are five notable CNC Machining Schools (in no particular order) in Missouri:

  1. Ranken Technical College: Located in St. Louis, Ranken Technical College is one of the leading providers of training and education for CNC machinists in Missouri. The school offers students a program of study that provides them with the skills necessary to become successful in the field. In addition to its classes on traditional machining methods, Ranken also offers courses on CAD/CAM operations and advanced programming techniques.
  2. Lincoln University: Located just outside Kansas City, Lincoln University offers students a certification in CNC machining. This program provides students with the basic knowledge of machine operations and programming, as well as giving them a thorough understanding of computer numerical control systems. The school also offers classes on shop safety and mathematics for CNC operators.
  3. Ozark Technical Community College: With locations across southwest Missouri, Ozark Technical Community College (OTC) is one of the best schools for learning about CNC machining. Through its certificate and degree programs, OTC provides students with comprehensive instruction in CAD/CAM software, machine maintenance, and precision tooling processes.
  4. Missouri State University: Missouri State University’s machining program focuses on providing students with an understanding of how manual and automated machines operate. The school also provides instruction on computer-aided design, machining processes, metrology, and quality control. In addition to its CNC classes, Missouri State also offers a certificate in industrial production.
  5. Crowder College: With campuses across the state of Missouri, Crowder College offers an extensive program in machine technology with a focus on CNC machining. Through its courses in CAD/CAM programming and operation maintenance, students can gain hands-on experience with advanced machine tools like lathes, mills, and grinders.

Major employers of CNC machinists in Missouri include Boeing Company, Orbital ATK, BAE Systems Inc., Collins Aerospace and Unilever.

The manufacturing industry has been a major contributor to the economy of Missouri for many years. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, manufacturing contributed $39.5 billion of the state’s total GDP in 2019. This represented 16 percent of the state’s overall economic production.

Missouri’s manufacturing industry is particularly strong in the automotive, aerospace, and chemical sectors. The state is home to many manufacturing plants that produce aircraft components, auto parts, and chemicals for use in a variety of industrial applications. Missouri’s agricultural sector also contributes significantly to the state’s economy.

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