Southern IL Crankshaft, Inc. CNC Grinder

companyAdda Infusion LLC
locationIllinois, USA
PublishedPublished: 4/10/2024
Full Time
26-30 / hour
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About Company: Southern Illinois Crankshaft, Inc. was established in 1985 by Michael Schaefer in a small building located in southern Illinois. In his shop, Michael started by regrinding crankshafts and with his proven dedication and customer service, his company soon grew. After eight years, the company built a new 7600 square foot building in Red Bud, Illinois. With an extremely dedicated and talented staff, the company bolstered their operations by expanding their capabilities to manufacture crankshafts in house.

In the last four years, the company has expanded their facilities by almost 23,000 square feet. Investments in modern technology along with a long-time staff of excellent and well-seasoned machinists, Southern Illinois Crankshaft has continued to flourish.


Job Summary: We are seeking a skilled and detail-oriented CNC Grinder Operator to join our manufacturing team. As a CNC Grinder Operator, you will play a crucial role in producing precision parts and components by operating computer numerical control (CNC) grinding machines. Your expertise in setting up, programming, and operating CNC grinders will contribute to the production of high-quality products that meet stringent specifications.

  • Set up and prepare CNC grinding machines by selecting and installing appropriate grinding wheels, fixtures, and tooling.
  • Interpret technical drawings, blueprints, and work orders to understand specifications, tolerances, and required finishes for the parts.
  • Develop CNC grinding programs using G-code and/or CAM software, considering factors such as material type, part geometry, and desired surface finish.
  • Load raw materials onto the machine and secure them in place using proper clamping mechanisms.
  • Monitor machine operations to ensure proper functioning, making adjustments as necessary to maintain optimal performance.
  • Conduct routine maintenance tasks on CNC grinding machines, including cleaning, lubricating, and replacing worn-out components.
  • Inspect finished parts using precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, and gauges to verify conformity to specifications.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose issues that may arise during the grinding process, taking corrective actions to ensure the quality of the final product.
  • Collaborate with other team members, including engineers and quality control personnel, to address any production challenges and ensure consistent product quality.
  • Maintain accurate records of production data, including setup details, program changes, and completed parts, using digital documentation systems.
  • Adhere to safety guidelines and protocols to ensure a safe working environment for yourself and your colleagues.
  • Continuously strive to improve processes, reduce cycle times, and enhance overall efficiency within the CNC grinding department.

  • High school diploma or equivalent; technical or vocational training in machining or related field is a plus.
  • Proven experience as a CNC Grinder Operator, with a strong understanding of CNC grinding principles, techniques, and practices.
  • Proficiency in reading and interpreting technical drawings and blueprints.
  • Familiarity with G-code programming and CAM software for CNC machines.
  • Ability to operate CNC grinding machines, including setup, tooling changes, and program adjustments.
  • Skilled in using precision measuring instruments to ensure parts meet specified tolerances.
  • Mechanical aptitude and troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve issues during the grinding process.
  • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality products.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Prioritization skills to manage multiple tasks and meet production deadlines.
  • Knowledge of workplace safety practices and a dedication to maintaining a safe working environment.

  • 1st Shift: Mon - Thurs: 6:30AM-4:30PM and Fri: 6:30AM-12:00PM
  • Yearly Boot & Safety Eyeglass Benefit
  • Employee Paid Benefits - Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • Employee Paid Disability - STD, LTD, & Life
  • Vacation Time
  • 401(k)

Joining Southern Illinois Crankshaft, Inc as the CNC Grinder offers a fantastic opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative team in the manufacturing industry. We offer competitive compensation, benefits, and opportunities for career growth and development.

Salary Description

$23.00 - $28.00

Salary range

  • 26-30 / hour