CNC Production SUO-2nd Shift

companyTriMas Corporation
locationCommerce, CA, USA
PublishedPublished: 1/28/2024
Full Time
31-35 / hour
CNC Production SUO-2nd Shift

Company: Monogram Aerospace Fasteners

Primary Location: 3423 S Garfield Avenue, Commerce, CA 90040 USA

Employment Type: Hourly | Full-Time

Function: Manufacturing Production / Distribution

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled

Main Duties & Responsibilities

Job Description

Completelyand independently program, set-up and operate computerized numericallycontrolled machine tools to perform a complex series of progressive machineoperations on a diversified line of work to close and exacting tolerances andfinish per blueprints or other specifications. Troubleshoots or reworks anyproblem related to CNC machined parts.

Completelyand independently, with little or no supervision or review performs thefollowing:

Sets up various types of CNC machines making required adjustments to tooling, collets, etc. running machines to a chucker or bar stock load system. Troubleshoots or reworks any problems related to the set-up, operation, tooling, etc. of a CNC machine.

Read and interprets blueprints or other documentation to visualize machining required and plans sequence of operations.

Determines reference points and direction of machine cutting paths.

Computes angular and linear dimensions, radii, and curvatures and outlines sequence of operations required to machine specified part.

Determines layout and inputs instructions to computer. Fills out Setup Card for preset or setup of tools to be used in operation of CNC machine. Performs dry run to verify setup prior to production run.

Administers/processes program of machine instructions necessary to encode input to database to regulate movement of machine along cutting path.

Arranges, mounts, and secures tooling; mount, align and secure holding fixtures or clamp work pieces in place. Set stops and calibrate to reference points.

Install program and correlate machine position with controls.

Observes operation of machine on trial run to prove taped or programmed instructions. Recognize and report errors in programming and operations and collaborate with appropriate personnel in correcting such errors. Troubleshoots or reworks any CNC related programming problem.

Provides necessary counts, processes documentation correctly, andmaintains daily production logs using computer software applications orproduction worksheets. Keeps interim records for subassemblies, material,tooling, rework, etc. while in the cell.

Works as an active team member by participating in problem solving, teambuilding, and all other team activities to improve the processes, productivity,quality, etc. of the production operations in a cell. Uses interpersonal skillsas well as good written and verbal communications. Assists other cell membersas required.

Equipment/ProcessResponsibilities -Performs duties where significant property, tools, equipment or machines may bedamaged, or man hours lost, through improper daily maintenance and attention toprocessing. Input to design programs, sets-up and maintains various types ofCNC machines for the jobs performed. Maintains and effects minor repairs ofmachines. Sets up mills and lathes which may have single or multiple spindle operations.

Materialor Product Responsibilities -Performs duties that require close attention to work and supportingdocumentation specifications and other requirements. Responsible for accuracy ofparts formed. Visually and/or with measuring instruments, checks work performedfor proper results.

Responsibilityfor Work of Others -Accuracy of communication is mandatory to the successful production andqualification of work pieces. Mustcommunicate to appropriate personnel any problems or concerns regarding qualityof work received or time flow of work in progress as it affects productionschedules. Must be able to train employees of equal or lower classification inCNC machine programming, setup and operation as well as on methods andprocedures used by the Company in the production Workflow and tracking.Communicates primarily with co-workers, lead personnel and supervisor.

SafetyResponsibilities - Goodhousekeeping, knowledge of good machine safety is necessary as well asadherence to Company Safety Rules.

Initiativeand Ingenuity -Requires initiative in solving problems associated with the programming, set-upand operation of various types of CNC machines and ingenuity in adaptingtooling and shop aids to complete forming operations. Makes suggestions forimproving the efficiency of workflow or equipment operation. Troubleshoots orreworks any CNC-related problem. Takes on or reports for additional work ascurrent tasks are completed. Performs other work-related tasks as deemednecessary by Company needs.


EnvironmentalSurroundings - Work isin a machine shop environment where noise, temperature fluctuations, therepetitive nature of the job, etc. are less desirable than in a typical officeenvironment.
Unavoidable Hazards - Possible hazards related to cuts,bruises, finger and hand injuries, and muscle strains. Exposure to movingmechanical parts, metalworking fluids, and airborne particles. Appropriateprotective wear regarding eye, ear and clothing are required.


Physical - Able to lift up to 50pounds. Requires strength to install and adjust requisite tooling and equipmentto set-up specifications. Hand and finger manipulation required for machineprogramming, set-up and operations as well as using precision measuringinstruments. Most job assignments require continuous standing and/or sittingfor periods exceeding 15 minutes at a time.
Mental - Work at times ishighly repetitive and monotonous. However, programming and set-up work variesand may require use of machine shop theory, improvisation and ingenuity.Reasoning ability required to interpret complex blueprints and documentation ofa highly technical nature. Must be able to draw valid conclusions from a varietyof abstract and concrete variables. Required to organize work flow for bestefficiency.
Visual - Close attention todetail with moderate eye concentration over long periods of time. Able to readvarious precision instruments such as micrometers, calipers, gauges, etc. Mustbe able to visually check work pieces for quality.

Hourly Range $28.50-$34.37


Requires5 years work experience or equivalent skills and knowledge expertise in theprogramming, set-up and operation of various Computerized Numerical Controlmachines, tools and equipment which are similar or comparable to those used bythe Company and which are necessary to fulfill job requirements. Must have demonstratedthe capability to set-up and operate the CNC machines required in the cell tothe level of journeyman. Must have held linear and diameter tolerances to ±.0002, T.I.R. to ± .001 for threading, etc. Must be familiar with and capableof using Statistical Process Control. Must read precision measuring instrumentssuch as various gauges, calipers and micrometers as well as engineeringdiagrams similar or comparable to those used in machine tooling operations bythe Company.

Salary range

  • 31-35 / hour