CNC Machinist Setup Advanced

companyPuck Enterprises
locationKinsey, AL 36303, USA
PublishedPublished: 10/21/2023
CNC Machinist
Full Time
21-25 / hour
This position reports to the Production Manager or their department designee. Performs CNC machine setup duties in operation of computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Prepares machine for operation by changing work holding, tooling, program, etc. May include generating CNC program. Work is performed under general supervision and requires employee to be self-motivated.

Education and Work Experience:

High School diploma or equivalent required. Minimum of 3 years prior CNC Machine setup experience required.

Equipment and Applications:

Computer, CNC machines, hand tools, measuring tools.

Specialized Knowledge, Skills, and Responsibilities:
  • Work Ethic

-Reports to work as scheduled. Does not display a pattern of unexcused absences and / or working incomplete shifts, properly reports back to work from meal and/or break periods.

-Works as a team player with other team members. Presents a positive attitude, and does not disparage assigned tasks, team members, company, or management.

-Willingness to work overtime as required to satisfy demand and requirements

-Makes good use of time to ensure productivity outputs are met. Does not wander or take excessive restroom breaks. Always stays productive.

  • Safety

-Works in a safe manor following safety guidelines.

-Uses PPE as required.

-Brings safety concerns to management attention.

  • Direction / Focus

-Stays engaged with assigned tasks, does not deviate for non-essential reasons.

-Seeks out additional work upon completion of assigned tasks. Takes initiative on tasks without being told.

  • Computer System

-Can take day to day production outputs and accurately update EPICOR system.

-Maintains paperwork used for control of production, inventory movement, quantity counts.

  • Measuring Tools

-Has demonstrated the ability for the accurate function of measuring equipment, calipers, gages, etc.



Test Indicator

Dial Indicator

Thread wires

Machine probing

  • Blueprint reading and understanding

-Understands mechanical drawings (blueprint) layout and features.

  • Skill Development

-Shows the desire to learn new skills of the trade and advance beyond current position.

  • Key Responsibilities

-Uses G & M code language to write programs from scratch at either machine control or offline.

-Can change out tooling and set tool offsets

-Can make offset adjustments to tooling

-Can change out fixturing as detailed in setup sheet

-Adjust machine controls or control media, verifies correct program is running properly

-Can setup new jobs by selecting work holding, tooling, programing with little assistance

-Can instruct Tier I & II machine operators

-Has excellent time management

-Able to solve problems

-Communicates with other departments and management with suggestions for improvement

Work Environment and Physical Demands:

An ability to work and prioritize within a high pressure, time sensitive environment while retaining a methodical approach is essential. The role will require a willingness to work overtime hours including weekends. This position may require lifting to 50 pounds, repeated bending, squatting and manual dexterity. Fast-paced work environment requiring heavy mental demands. Work environment includes machinery, grinding debris, and hazardous fluids. All employees must ensure compliance with the Company Health and Safety Policy, and all relevant other statutory Health and Safety legislation.


Tier III CNC Machinist Setup could advance to a Tier IV position as skills, capabilities advance. Further advancement beyond Tier IV is possible.

This job description may not detail some minor duties, nor cover duties of a similar nature, which may from time to time be reasonably required by the relevant manager.

Salary range

  • 21-25 / hour