locationInglewood, NE 68025, USA
PublishedPublished: 12/7/2023
Full Time
  • Set up, check routine programs and operate automatic or semi-automatic numerically controlled machine tools and/or CNC machining equipment, to perform standard or repetitive sequences of operations, to meet close tolerance and finish requirements.
  • Work from instructions defining in detail tooling application and coding, fixture and machine arrangements and console settings.
  • Mount and secure tooling in rack, magazine or turret; align and secure fixtures, patterns and work piece and check to establish reference points.
  • Set stops and machine travel.
  • Download or manually input machining programs and correlate machine position with controls.
  • Manually cycle machine to check tooling, fixture, and/or work alignment, clearances, stops, etc. to program specifications, make adjustments to bring tolerances and finish requirements to specifications or note and report variations in program sequence, positioning, cycle time, etc. to Supervision or Engineering.
  • Under supervision, assist with prove-out of program for new work or critical variations.
  • May recommend tooling arrangements, fixtures, operation sequence, etc.
  • May make setups for and instruct operators of lower classification or lesser experience.
  • Work from part drawings and specifications. Produce quality parts within blueprint tolerance.
  • Use a variety of precision measuring instruments and perform inspection and work measurement.
  • Maintain or exceed the approved rate of production.
  • Maintain acceptable attendance record, acceptable overall work record, and purchase the required tools for the classification.
  • Train operators with lesser experience as necessary.
  • Report defective materials or questionable conditions per established processes.
  • Maintain the work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follow prescribed safety regulations.
  • Perform light preventative maintenance and housekeeping duties for areas and equipment in assigned work center.
  • Complete tasks as directed by manufacturing schedules with minimum supervision.
  • Perform other related duties as deemed necessary by the Supervision or Management.